The Secret Garden - Original London Cast CD

2001 Original London Cast

Musc and Lyrics by Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman. Starring Philip Quast, Linzi Hateley and Meredith Braun.


1. Prologue: Journey from India to Yorkshire 

2. Fine White Horse - Linzi Hateley 

3. Garden Suite I  

4. Girl in the Valley - Craig Purnell  

5. Girl I Mean to Be - Philip Quast  

6. Winter's on the Wing - Meredith Braun, Linzi Hateley, Philip Quast  

7. Bit of Earth  

8. Storm  

9. Round Shouldered Man  

10. Lily's Eyes - Philip Quast  

11. Race You to the Top of the Morning - Philip Quast  

12. Wick - Craig Purnell  

13. Come to My Garden - Meredith Braun  

14. Garden Suite 2 - Linzi Hateley, Craig Purnell  

15. Bit of Earth (Reprise) - Meredith Braun  

16. Hold On - Linzi Hateley  

17. Letter Song - Linzi Hateley, Philip Quast  

18. Where in the World - Philip Quast  

19. How Could I Ever Know - Meredith Braun, Philip Quast  

20. Spring Music  

21. Come to My Garden (Reprise) - Meredith Braun, Philip Quast


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