Tabbo - Original London Cast CD

2003 London Cast Recording.

Premiered in London's West End at the then newly opened Venue Theatre on January 29, 2002.

Music Kevan Frost and George O'Dowd, with lyrics by George O'Dowd, Richie Stevens and John Themis. Starring Paul Baker, Luke Evans, Matt Lucas, George O'Dowd and Dianne Pilkington.


1. Ode To Attention Seekers 

2. Safe In The City 

3. Freak 

4. Stranger In This World 

5. Genocide Peroxide 

6. I’ll Have You All 

7. Love Is A Question Mark 

8. Shelter 

9. Pretty Lies 

10. Guttersnipe 

11. Talk Amongst Yourselves 

12. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 

13. Touched By The Hand Of Cool 

14. Everything Taboo 

15. Petrified 

16. I See Through You 

17. Independent Woman 

18. Ich Bin Kunst 

19. Out Of Fashion 

20. l Adore 

21. Pie In The Sky


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