Stephen Sondheim - The Songbook - The Album CD

Donated to TheatreMAD, in good condition.


1. West Side Story (1957): Something's Coming (Voice) Larry Kert;Eddie Roll;Grover Dale

2. Gee, Officer Krupke (Voice) Larry Kert;Eddie Roll;Grover Dale 

3. Gypsy (1959): Some People (Voice) Faith Dane;Chotzi Foley;Maria Karnilova 

4. Gypsy (1959): You Gotta Have A Gimmick (Voice) Faith Dane;Chotzi Foley;Maria Karnilova

5. Anyone Can Whistle (1964): Anyone Can Whistle (Voice) Harry Guardino;Lee Remick;Angela Lansbury

6. Anyone Can Whistle (1964): A Parade In Town (Voice) Harry Guardino;Lee Remick;Angela Lansbury

7. With So Litle To Be Sure Of (Voice) Harry Guardino;Lee Remick;Angela Lansbury 

8. Do I Hear a Waltz? (1965): Moon In My Window (Voice) Julienne Marie;Carol Bruce;Elizabeth Allen 

9. Do I Hear a Waltz? (1965): We're Gonna Be All Right (Voice) Julienne Marie;Carol Bruce;Elizabeth Allen 

10. The Mad Show (1966) The Boy From... (Voice) Linda Lavin

11. Company (1970): The Little Things You Do Together (Voice) Barbara Barrie;Charles Kimbrough;Elaine Stritch 

12. Company (1970): Barcelona (Voice) Barbara Barrie;Charles Kimbrough;Elaine Stritch

13. The Ladies Who Lunch (Voice) Barbara Barrie;Charles Kimbrough;Elaine Stritch

14. Company (1970): Being Alive (Voice) Barbara Barrie;Charles Kimbrough;Elaine Stritch

15. A Little Night Music (1973): You Must Meet My Wife (Voice) Glynis Johns;Len Cariou;Hermione Gingold

16. A Little Night Music (1973): Liaisons (Voice) Glynis Johns;Len Cariou;Hermione Gingold

17. A Little Night Music (1973): Every Day A Little Death (Voice) Glynis Johns;Len Cariou;Hermione Gingold

18. A Weekend In The Country (Voice) Glynis Johns;Len Cariou;Hermione Gingold

19. Send In The Clowns (Voice) Glynis Johns;Len Cariou;Hermione Gingold

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