Parade - Original London Cast (3 Disc Set) CD

2007 Donmar Warehouse Cast Recording

Musc and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. Cast - Helen Anker, Mark Bonnar, Norman Bowman, Bertie Carvel,  Shaun Escoffery, Joanne Kirkland, Gary Milner,  Steven Page , Malinda Parris, Stuart Matthew Price, Lara Pulver,  Zoe Rainey, Celia Mei Rubin , Stephen Webb and Jayne Wisener.

Opened to the Donmar on 14 September and ran till 24 November 2007

Includes two new songs written for the London production, plus a free DVD of interviews with book-writer Alfred Uhry and composer Jason Robert Brown.


Disc One:

1. Prologue (The Old Red Hills Of Home) 

2. Leo And Lucille's Bedroom 

3. Peachtree Street (The Dream Of Atlanta) 

4. How Can I Call This Home? 

5. The Picture Show 

6. National Pencil Factory (What Am I Waiting For?) 

7. Interrogation (I AmTrying To Remember) 

8. Leo Frank's Cell 

9. Cemetery At Marietta (There Is A Fountain/It Don't Make Sense) 

10. Lullaby 

11. The Governor's Mansion 

12. Something Ain't Right 

13. Real Big News 

14. Outside Fulton Tower (You Don't Know This Man) 

15. A Visitors Room At Fulton Jail 

16. Outside Fulton County Jail (Hammer Of Justice) 

17. Twenty Miles From Marietta 

18. The Factory Girls/Come Up Into My Office 

19. Minola McKnight's Testimony 

20. My Child Will Forgive Me 

21. That's What He Said 

22. It's Hard To Speak My Heart 

23. Closing Statement Cakewalk

Disc Two:

1. The Governor's Mansion (A Rumblin' And A Rollin') 

2. The Fulton Tower (Do It Alone) 

3. The Ballroom In The Governor's Mansion (Pretty Music) 

4. Fishing On The Judge's Estate (The Glory) 

5. The Fulton Tower, The National Pencil Factory, And The Franks' Home (This Is Not Over Yet) 

6. Minnie McKnight's Reprise 

7. Hot Georgia Roadside (Feel The Rain Fall) 

8. The Governor's Mansion (Where Will You Stand When The Flood Comes?) 

9. Leo's Call (All The Wasted Time) 

10. Later That Night (Abduction And Hanging) 

11. The Frank House (Sh'ma/The Old Red Hills Of Home) 

Disc Three:

1. Behind the Parade (DVD)

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