Jerry Springer the Opera - Original London Cast Double CD

Donated to TheatreMAD, in good condition.

2003 London Cast Recording

Recorded Live!

Music and lyrics by Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee, Starring Valda Aviks, David Bedella, Sally Bourne,  Michael Brandon, Marcus Cunningham, Alison Jiear, Benjamin Lake, Lore Lixenberg, Wills Morgan and Guy Porritt.

Partental Guidance - Explicit Lyrics


Disc One:

1. Overtly-Ture Full Company

2. Audience Very Plainsong

3. Ladies & Gentlemen

4. Have Yourselves A Good Time

5. Bigger Than Oprah Winfrey

6. Foursome Guests

7. I've Been Seeing Someone Else

8. Chick With A Dick

9. Talk To The Hand

10. Adverts 1

11. Intro To Diaper Man

12. Diaper Man

13. Montel Cums Dirty

14. This Is My Jerry Springer Moment

15. Mama Gimmee Smack On The A**Hole

16. I Wanna Sing Something Beautiful

17. Adverts 2

18. First Time I Saw Jerry

19. Backstage Scene

20. Poledancer

21. I Just Wanna Dance

22. It Has No Name

23. Some Are Descended From Angels

24. Jerrycam

25. Klan Entrance/End Of Act One

Disc Two:

26. Gloomy Nurses

27. Purgatory Dawning

28. Eat Excrete

29. Haunting

30. Him Am The Devil

31. Every Last Mother F**Ker Should Go Down

32. Grilled & Roasted

33. Transition Music

34. Once In Happy Realms Of Light

35. F**K You Talk

36. Satan & Jesus Spat

37. Adam & Eve & Mary

38. Where Were You?

39. Behold God

40. Marriage Of Heaven & Hell

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