Infertility - The Musical That's Hard to Conceive CD

Donated to TheatreMAD, in good condition.

2006 Off-Broadway Cast

Music and lyrics by Chris Neuner, Starring Erin Davie, Jenni Frost, Seri Johnson, Cadden Jones, Larry Picard and Kurt Robbins.

Infertility the musical that's hard to conceive follows the trials and tribulations of five would-be parents as they try to beat an uncooperative stork.


1. Love Song

2. You've Got Parts

3. All Ya' Gotta Do Is

4. Donor Dating Game, The

5. Cricket

6. Infertile Love Song

7. I've Got Sperm in My Pocket and I'm Talkin' To

8. Adoption Interrogation

9. Ain't It Great to Have a Kid?

10. We Found Love Our Own Way

11. Infertile Love Song Reprise

12. (Scene) Misconceptions

13. Big Dogs Run

14. When I Have You

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