Honk! - The Demo Recordings CD

1997 The Original Demo Recordings

Never intended for release, the writers recently “discovered” this unique cast recording in their archives and decided to release it

Music George Stiles , with lyrics Anthony Drewe. Starring Mark Anderson, Claire Moore, Joanna Riding, Clive Rowe and Jenna Russell.


1. A Poultry Tale

2. The Joy Of Motherhood

3. Different (Pre-reprise)

4. Hold Your Head Up High

5. Look At Him

6. Different

7. Play With Your Food

8. The Elegy

9. Every Tear A Mother Cries

10. The Wild Goose Chase

11. Act 1 Finale

12. It Takes All Sorts

13. Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise)

14. Together

15. The Collage

16. Now I've Seen You

17. Warts And All

18. The Blizzard

19. Look At Him (Reprise)

20. Now I've Seen You (Bonus track)

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