Copacabana - London Cast Recording CD

1994 Original London Cast

Played at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

Music and Lyrics by Barry Manilow, Jack Feldman and Bruce Sussman. Starring Gary Wilmot and Nicola Dawn.


1. Overture 

2. Copacabana [Opening Sequence] 

3. Just Arrived 

4. Dancin' Fool 

5. Night on the Town 

6. Man Wanted 

7. Lola 

8. Who Needs to Dream? 

9. Ay Caramba! 

10. Bolero de Amor 

11. Sweet Heaven 

12. Who Am I Kidding? 

13. Who Am I Kidding? (Reprise) 

14. This Can't Be Real 

15. Welcome to Havana 

16. The Mermaid's Tale 

17. El Bravo! 

18. Who Needs to Dream? (Reprise) 

19. Copacabana (Finale)

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