Cabaret - London Cast Recording

1986 London Cast Recording

Played at the Strand Theatre.

Music and Lyrics by John Kander and Fred Ebb, Starring Rodney Cottam, Grazina Frame, Kelly Hunter, Peter Land,  Vivienne Martin, Oscar Quitak and Wayne Sleep.


1. Wilkommen - Company 

2. So What - Vivienne Martin 

3. Don't Tell Mama - Kelly Hunter/Caroline O'Connor/Caroline Clare/Sarah Drummond/Gail McGregor... 

4. Perfectly Marvellous - Kelly Hunter/Peter Land 

5. Two Ladies - Wayne Sleep/Caroline O'Connor/Caroline Clare 

6. It Couldn't Please Me More - Vivienne Martin/Oscar Quitak 

7. Why Should I Wake Up - Peter Land 

8. Money - Wayne Sleep/Company 

9. Married - Vivienne Martin/Oscar Quitak 

10. Meeskite - Oscar Quitak/Company 

11. Tomorrow Belongs To Me - Grazina Frame/Rodney Cottam/Company 

12. If You Could See Her - Wayne Sleep/John Thornton 

13. Maybe This Time - Kelly Hunter 

14. What Would You Do - Vivienne Martin 

15. Cabaret - Kelly Hunter/Caroline O'Connor/Caroline Clare/Sarah Drummond/Gail McGregor... 

16. Auf Wiedersehen (Finale) - Peter Land/Wayne Sleep/Company

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