Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast CD

The 1995 London Cast Recording.

Having first flopped in London back in the early 80's Willy Russell was against any furtherĀ  productions of this show, but after a lengthy Tour of the UK the show transferred to the Albery Theatre, London, the rest as they say is history, one of the best Musicals ever to grace the West End Stage!

Music and lyrics by Willy Russell, Starring Stephanie Lawrence, Paul Crosby, Mark Hutchinson and Warwick Evans.


1. Overture

2. Marilyn Monroe

3. My Child

4. Easy Terms

5. Shoes Upon The Table

6. July 18th

7. Kids' Game

8. Gypsies In The Wood

9. Long Sunday Afternoon/My Friend

10. Bright New Day

11. Entr'acte/Marilyn Monroe 2

12. Secrets

13. That Guy

14. Summer Sequence

15. I'm Not Saying A Word

16. One Day In October

17. Take A Letter Miss Jones

18. The Robbery

19. Marilyn Monroe 3

20. Light Romance/Madman

21. The Council Chamber

22. Tell Me It's Not True


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